Demonology & Spiritual Protection

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Exorcist Bishop Bryan Ouellette, SOSM

Internationally recognized Exorcist Bishop Bryan Ouellette, SOSM, as seen on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, is a leader in the field of Demonology, Paranormal Investigation, Exorcism/Deliverance ministry, Spiritual Problem Resolution, and Spiritual Protection.

With a growing public interest in paranormal investigation and the occult in general, the average person is now more at risk than ever for experiencing a demonic or spiritual attack.

Additionally, our society has grown more secular in its focus and has moved away from a natural understanding of spiritual cultivation. This has now presented an unprecedented need in our time to be armed with the means to protect oneself. As an answer to this postmodern cultural crisis, the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church is sponsoring a seminar on Demonology and Spiritual Protection.

In it, Bishop Ouellette will cover:

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    The four types of demons

  • The four types of demonic attack
  • How to recognize a demonic event
  • How to protect oneself against spirit and demonic attachment
  • Can demons win your soul?
  • The difference between deliverance, minor exorcism, and solemn exorcism

Register today for this important seminar!

COST: $10

DATE: Sunday, February 10, 2019

TIME: 2:00PM


Holy Nicholean Catholic Church

1241 Joe Frank Harris Parkway

Cartersville, GA 30120