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The Holy Nicholean Catholic Church is a federally tax-exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) church that aggressively promotes the essential spiritual evolution of the Christian religion so as to keep it relevant in modern times while tirelessly protecting traditional Roman Catholic Sacramental Theology.

We are asking you to give of yourself and help our church make a remarkable difference in this world by helping us to put an end to religious/social intolerance and hatred. Please help our clergy by offering us your generous donation.

In addition to supporting its teaching ministries and contemplative monastic foundation, your generous offering helps the lay ministers of our church continue to work the extremely dangerous and difficult exorcism outreach ministry, along with the countless clients who depend upon our free services for spiritual problem resolution. The Holy Nicholean Catholic Church administrates the Atlanta, Georgia Division of the Sacred Order of St. Michael the Archangel (Order of Exorcists). Requests for help come into the Order daily and there simply is not enough manpower and financial resources to help everyone that needs it. Your donations assure that we can serve as many people as possible. We are in particular need of regular monthly support as most of our donations are one-time only amounts. This makes it difficult for us to form a budget for the expansion of our ministries.

We need your support now more than ever, and as an additional benefit to supporting this ministry, donors who pledge $10 a month or more are invited to our private Sponsors page on our own social media network where they can watch LIVE streams of our liturgical functions and interact with us in a safe, troll-free environment. If you donate $10 a month or more, please come join us at: Sponsors of the Holy Nicholean Catholic (

Please use our Paypal donation account by pressing the donate button below.

At the time that you make your donation, you may choose which ministry program you prefer your donation is applied to. We make every effort to assure that your donation goes to the area of your preference.

Nicholean Radio: Supports the Vestiges of Christianity and Vestiges After Dark Podcasts, both of which are an extension of the teaching ministry of the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church. Each time the pool of donations reaches $250, a new episode will air live on Nicholean Radio100% of the donations received for this program will always go to this purpose.

Pastoral Ministries: Supports the regular administrative functions and Sacramental services of the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church.

Exorcism Ministries: Supports the Exorcism/Deliverance ministry outreach, which is the primary outreach of the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church. 100% of the donations received for this program will always go to this purpose.

Clergy Support: Our clergy are not paid a salary or otherwise compensated for any of the the pastoral work that they do. It is all offered freely on a volunteer basis. If you would like to help change this for the clergy of the Nicholean Catholic Church, you may select this option and your donation will be divided to support each of our clerical members.

If you don’t choose one, the ministry will apply it to the area with the greatest need. Also please remember to consider checking the monthly donation box.

For sums greater than Paypal will allow, please email us to discuss submission of your donation at

Thank you and may the blessing of Christ be upon you.

Paypal Donation Button