Pastoral Counseling

What is Pastoral Counseling?

There are times in one’s spiritual life where the road ahead may seem less clear and faith is more difficult to realize.  While the Sacraments of the Church and its many charitable pastoral services are usually enough, some may benefit from a one-on-one approach. This is similar to clinical psychotherapy in form, but vastly different in terms of its goals. Pastoral Counseling does not seek to provide a clinical diagnosis nor does it work to identify any particular problem in a client’s life; rather, it works to strengthen the client’s relationship with God so that the healing process may be better facilitated through the Church’s usual arsenal of Sacramental assistance.

Pastoral counseling SHOULD NOT be used as a substitute for licensed clinical therapy, but often works well along side psychiatric and/or psychological clinical care.

How much does it cost?

The fee for a one-hour session with Bishop Ouellette over the telephone is $150. Note: there are no in-person appointments available at this time.

Why is there a fee?

The Holy Nicholean Catholic Church’s primary mission is to assist those in spiritual crisis so that they may find healing. As stated above, it does this completely free of charge, working exclusively on a donation basis only.  But on occasion, a client may need more personal care than this ministry can provide. In the early days of the ministry, Bishop Ouellette would offer pastoral counseling for numerous clients entirely free of any charges, but this quickly became unsustainable. Pastoral Counseling is a serious time commitment and requires a great deal of skill. It is also a professional service that extends outside of the ordinary work of the Church.  Additionally, Bishop Ouellette’s time is short and so he is only able to offer a few blocks of time as availability allows.

Terms and Conditions

With pastoral counseling comes the expectation of a long-term commitment. No spiritual progress can be made in a short time. At the very minimum, it is strongly recommended that the client entering into a new pastoral counseling program should commit for at least 24 sessions with the option to renew into a new cycle beyond that as many times as needed.

Your pastoral counseling fee is fully refundable if you cancel within 48 hours of scheduled date.

Bishop Bryan Ouellette, SOSM does not and will not offer medical and/or psychological assessment. By requesting an appointment, you, as the client, understand that pastoral counseling is a spiritual exercise and is not one of licensed clinical therapy. Nor is any psycho-therapeutic relationship implied.

Bishop Ouellette may decide to discontinue your sessions if at any point he feels you are no longer benefiting from the process. If this happens, he will usually suggest another program that he feels may be more appropriate for your needs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bishop Ouellette’s availability is often very limited. At the present time, all appointments will be set on either a Friday or Saturday mid-afternoon (eastern time) as his schedule allows. By filling out the intake form below, you will be placed on a first-come/first served queue and will be emailed when a time slot opens. Once your appointment date is set, you will receive an invoice in your email. After the invoice is paid, you will be called for your appointment at the schedule date and time.

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