Personal Self-Blessing Kits

Most spiritual problems are the direct result of a spirit attachment. Fortunately, most spirit attachments are minor and can be eliminated with a formal blessing by a priest, combined with regular participation in the Sacraments of the Church. This can, however, be difficult for non-Catholic or non-Orthodox Christians to receive because of the closed-communion policies of both of these denominations. In order to combat this problem,  Exorcist Bishop Bryan Ouellette, SOSM is making available to the general public these Personal Self-Blessing Kits, blessed directly by his hands, as a free gift when you pledge $15 a month to help support our ministry.

Free gift for your pledge of $15 a month

+ $5 Shipping (U.S.)

Please note that due to recent abuses (people making pledges to get the gift and then canceling immediately after receiving it) gifts are now usually sent out between 3-6 months [on average] from the date that you first make your monthly pledge.

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Each kit includes:

  • Exorcised Salt: Kosher salt that has been charged with an exorcism. Dissolving a pinch of this salt in a bottle of ordinary purified water will create Holy water for you to use without the need to have a priest bless it (because the salt has already received a priestly blessing).
  • Crucifix: This Cross has been blessed directly by Bishop Bryan Ouellette and is actually a third class relic. During the blessing, it has been touched to the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church’s first class relic of the True Cross upon which Jesus Christ was crucified.


Important Note: While a lay self-blessing is not a substitute for a priestly blessing, this kit will help many who don’t have access to the Catholic Sacramentals, so vital to protecting oneself from spirit and demonic attachment. Additionally, this item is being sent to you as a gift of appreciation for your monthly pledge. If you cancel your pledge immediately after receiving this item, you will, in effect, convert this gift into merchandise. Blessed objects that are sold lose their blessing.