Personal Self-Blessing Kits

Most spiritual problems are the direct result of a spirit attachment. Fortunately, most spirit attachments are minor and can be eliminated with a formal blessing by a priest, combined with regular participation in the Sacraments of the Church. This can, however, be difficult for non-Catholic or non-Orthodox Christians to receive because of the closed-communion policies of both of these denominations. In order to combat this problem,  Exorcist Bishop Bryan Ouellette, SOSM is making available to the general public these Personal Self-Blessing Kits, blessed directly by his hands, as a free gift when you pledge $40 to help support our ministry.

Free gift for your pledge of $40

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Each kit includes:

  • Holy Water: This is not ordinary Holy Water. This water has been charged with a special exorcism directly by the hand of Bishop Bryan Ouellette, specifically prepared for use in the Rite of Exorcism.
  • Exorcised Salt: Kosher salt that has been charged with an exorcism. Dissolving a pinch of this salt in a bottle of ordinary purified water will create more Holy water for you to use without the need to have a priest bless it (because the salt has already received a priestly blessing).
  • Rosary: Praying the Rosary every day is the greatest protection against any and all spirit attachment. Instructions for praying the Rosary can be found here: A Guide to Praying the Rosary
  • Prayer Book of St. Michael: This booklet provides the necessary prayers that you will need to protect yourself.


Important Note: While a lay self-blessing is not a substitute for a priestly blessing, this kit will help many who don’t have access to the Catholic Sacramentals, so vital to protecting oneself from spirit and demonic attachment.