Contact Us

With the closure of the mission church, our new mailing address is:

Holy Nicholean Catholic Church

60 Postal Parkway #74027

Newnan, Georgia 30271

Main Office: 207-370-9077

It is unfortunate that we must report that the Spiritual Crisis Office has now been closed due to a lack of funding.
Also please note that the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church is in the process of reopening its outreach ministry at the NATIONAL level, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not yet returned to taking private cases. We are, however, evaluating all cases local to the Atlanta, Georgia area to be potentially featured on two new documentaries that will focus on spiritual problem resolution and demonic possession. These programs are designed to bring the reality of spiritual affliction, much needed public awareness and normalization. It is our hope that they will also help better finance the outreach ministry so that we can reach more people in more distant places in the future, when we return to taking public cases.
Please follow the bishop on Twitter @exorcistbishop for announcements as to when this outreach ministry will resume.