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Welcome to Our Tradition

Welcome to the online home of the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church. We are an autocephalous Catholic Patriarchate operating under the pastoral apostolic care of Sovereign Patriarch Nicholas III until such a time that the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church formally recognizes our tradition. If such a blessed event occurs, Patriarch Nicholas III will yield his authority to the Pope of Rome.  

167300_947842978078_16700190_48383346_1692946_nOriginally, the Nicholean tradition was established as a means to heal division within the Christian world; however, in the years that followed, it became evident that our purpose was best served behind the monastic cloister. Our only active ministries at this time are a pastoral counseling program and a demonic investigation ministry that facilitates the Rite of Exorcism if warranted. All ministers of the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church are professionally trained in identifying demonic possession and performing (or assisting with) exorcism.

As a valid apostolic church, we hold 21 valid lines of Apostolic Succession under our Patriarch Nicholas III. Two of these lines extend directly from the Roman Catholic Church. Our tradition has preserved the spirit of the early Church, in all of its theological diversity and flavor. We have all seven Sacraments. We protect and revere the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. And most importantly, we are a Church representative of the direct Experience of God.

The Church of Rome has always maintained (mostly in secret) an esoteric theological position. This is most clearly recognized in the monastic contributions of centering prayer, lectio divina, and contemplatio.  Essentially, we have built our church upon the foundation of these monastic practices with the singular focus and attention being to spawn an experiential Christianity.

God is in our midst. He is and always will be.