Forbidden Truth: A Remarkable Esoteric Journey to the Center of the Spiritual World

Lecturer: Bishop Bryan D. Ouellette, Ph.D., SOSM

In the beginning, all of the wisdom that there ever was [and would ever be] could be found contained within a dynamic supra-geometric vibrational information system.  This system has been referred to by many as the Perennial Philosophy or Perennial Truth. Having no corporeal limitations, it effortlessly evolved over much time into becoming the foundation of all major world religious systems, the very same religious systems that we would recognize today as Christianity, Buddhism, etc. Existing as a non-linear, multi-dimensional cosmic structure, its manifestation within our human corporeal experience would find itself to become the subject of much disagreement, confusion, misinterpretation and contradiction.

Exorcist Bishop Bryan D. Ouellette, Ph.D.,SOSM

Esotericism is the term we apply to the rediscovery of this Perennial Truth and mysticism is the vehicle by which we travel there. In this seminar series, Bishop Bryan D. Ouellette, Ph.D., SOSM of the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church invites you to travel with him as he distills modern theological concepts back into the purity of the Perennial reality from which they came. Together, you will navigate the often dangerous and difficult terrain of a wisdom that is still considered by conventional religion to be too precarious to discuss openly.  It has been labeled forbidden, heretical, and an abomination. It is a virtual spiritual contraband and yet it is the origin of every accepted truth.

Starting Thursday, June 8, 2017 at 2:00PM EDT, this video webinar series will run once a week online. It will be a continuous series offering more than 200 lectures that break down the infrastructure of what has become the western mystery tradition leading itself into the realm of eastern occultism.  Live participation will be encouraged, but if you miss a class, it will be archived for on-demand viewing when it is convenient for you.


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Important note:

This series is a fundraiser for the outreach ministry of the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church 501(c)(3). Your tuition is a non-refundable tax-deductible donation that helps keep our ministry operational. There is, however, a minimum number of students that we must enroll in order to keep the course available. If the course is cancelled for any reason, the one exception to this policy is that you will be refunded a prorated amount based upon how many classes you have taken. 

Additionally, one should understand that this course is designed for those who are ready to be spiritually challenged. While most will find that the exploration of this material improves their faith and relationship with God, rigid dogmatic traditionalists will struggle to integrate what will be taught.  Likewise, non-dogmatic types who think they have the spiritual world all figured out will equally find this to be a struggle. The purpose of this series, then, is to encouraged a more enlightened, mature spiritual comprehension. It is to be utilized as an aid toward enriching your own chosen religious path, but not as an excuse to replace it. Some may find the material uncomfortable at times, but perseverance is essential. Growth is unattainable without suffering,  yet life exists for no other reason than to grow. If you apply what you will learn here, and apply it well, you will be fulfilling the most natural function of your existence possible.